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Dr. AnnMarie McDonald and her dedicated staff at Care One Multispecialty offer compassionate pediatric care to young patients and their families from in and around Queens, New York. Dr. McDonald and her staff have expert training to provide comprehensive care for young patients to support healthy physical, emotional, and social development. This includes regular physical exams, vaccinations, and critical care for illnesses and injuries.

Pediatrics Q & A

How is pediatrics different from health care for adults?

Pediatricians receive special training to enable them to understand the developmental stages and needs of children as well as detailed knowledge of childhood illnesses and conditions. Pediatricians also are trained to examine and diagnose children who may not be able to communicate their symptoms or concerns.

Pediatric care is essential for all children so their physical, mental, and social development can be monitored and any issues or delays can be addressed as early as possible. Pediatricians also are responsible for administering the vaccines that help to keep both individuals and communities healthy and safe from dangerous diseases.  

Why is it important for my child to have regular checkups?

Children develop at a rapid pace, and regular checkups monitor your child’s health and progress. There are expected milestones at certain ages, although it is important to remember that each child is unique and develops at his own pace and that not every child begins to walk or talk at the same time as his peers or siblings.

Your pediatrician tracks your child’s development and health, and regular visits help your doctor to get to know your child and notice if there are any changes in his health or other issues at the earliest possible stages so that treatment can begin as soon as possible. Your pediatrician also is a resource for you as a parent, answering questions about your child’s health and needs.

What vaccines does my child need?

Most school districts provide a list of vaccines that a child needs to have before starting at the school. Additionally, you can find a list of vaccines and the recommended ages to receive them on the CDC website. Vaccines are critical to protecting the health of your child as well as contributing to a safe and disease free society. If you have questions about vaccines or alternative vaccine schedules, make an appointment with Dr. McDonald at Care One Multispecialty today.

What can I do to help my child lead a healthy life?

There are several steps you can take to promote your child’s overall health and well being. First, make sure he or she receives regularly scheduled checkups age-appropriate vaccinations. Also, you can encourage and demonstrate healthy eating habits, exercise, and limit screen time. This may include reducing time spent on tablets and cell phones, and watching television. Dr. McDonald is happy to talk to you about strategies to encourage healthy lifestyles for your child.