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Back pain affects almost all adult Americans at some point during their lives and is one of the leading causes of disability and missed work. At her Queens, New York based practice, Care One Multispecialty, Dr. AnnMarie McDonald offers comprehensive medical care to help her patients find relief from back pain and treat the root condition causing the pain. Treatment may include trigger point injections, pain medications, muscle relaxers, and physical therapy that is available on-site.

Back Pain Q & A

What causes back pain?

A wide variety of factors ranging from your career and lifestyle to genetic degenerative diseases may contribute to back pain. For example, you may have a job that requires heavy lifting like nursing. If you don’t use the proper lifting technique or have to make repetitive movements you can experience an injury to your back resulting in significant pain. It also is possible that you may develop a condition like scoliosis or spinal stenosis that can lead to back pain. Being overweight and leading a sedentary lifestyle can increase your risk of back injury.  

What is sciatica?

Sciatica is a specific kind of back pain that occurs in the lower back and often radiates through the buttocks and one or both legs. It is caused by a compression of the sciatic nerve in your lower, or lumbar, spine.  

How is back pain diagnosed?

When you come to Dr. McDonald with back pain, she listens to your concerns and asks questions about your symptoms including:

  • Could you describe the pain?
  • What part of your back is affected?
  • Is the pain constant or does it come and go?
  • Does the pain inhibit your movement?

She also provides comprehensive physical exams to measure your range of motion and strength to pinpoint the exact location of any injuries. She also may order diagnostic imaging tests like X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans to gather additional information for an accurate diagnosis.

How is back pain treated?

Dr. McDonald offers a variety of treatments to help patients find relief from back pain while treating the cause of the pain. Often, two or more treatments are combined to provide optimal relief and healing.  

Many patients benefit from the prescription of pain medication and muscle relaxers. Pain relief also can help a patient to participate in physical therapy and other treatments that help to restore a healthy back. Physical therapy helps release muscle tension, rebuild strength, restore flexibility, and provides lasting relief from back pain.

Trigger point injections are another common treatment used by Dr. McDonald to treat back pain. Trigger points are knots of tight muscles that are not only painful on their own but can pull on the surrounding muscles and tendons causing them to overcompensate and become overused and sore as well. Trigger point injections involve the insertion of a thin needle which delivers an anesthetic, muscle relaxer, or saline directly to the knot to help release and relax it.